Super Express Specials

Medicine of Cosmetics NEW Super Express Specials are a range of cosmetic beauty treatments designed to fit in with busy lifestyles.

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Chemical Face Peels: $49
Brazilian / Under Arm Laser Hair Removal: $69
LED Light Therapy Facial: $49
Teeth Whitening: $79
Neck, Décolletage & Hand Peels: $49
Microdermabrasion / Hydrodermabrasion: $49
Facials: $49

Chemical Peels - Medicine of Cosmetics

CHEMICAL PEELS: Remove dead skin & debris on the skin quickly with a choice of chemical peels. Deep cleanse, peel & hydrating mask to finish – $49

Brazilian Under Arm Hair Removal - Medicine of Cosmetics

BRAZILIAN / UNDER ARM LASER HAIR REMOVAL: Get summer ready now and remove unwanted hair – $69

LED Facial - Medicine of Cosmetics

LED FACIAL: Rejuvenate your skin with advanced led light therapy proven to increase blood flow, oxygen and collagen production to the skin. – $49

TEETH WHITENING: Brighter smile in x2 40 min treatments that last 12 months. Blue LED light and peroxide gel mouth guards … teeth whitening & maintenance made easy! – $79

NECK / DÉCOLLETAGE / HANDS: The forgotten areas which age as quickly as the face. Treat these areas with a quick peel to remove dead unstimulated skin, the peel process helps the under layers of the skin to push forward stimulating a healthy skin turnover and production. Finished with Hydration serums – $49

Microdermabrasion - Medicine of Cosmetics

MICRODERMABRASION or HYDRODERMABRASION: Need to freshen up your skin? Hydrodermabrasion is the quickest and most effective treatment to improve the texture and renewal of cells – $49

Facials - Medicine of Cosmetics

FACIAL: Enjoy a relaxing quick skin rebalance, deep cleanse, mask and eye treatment – $49