HayTox Hay Fever Treatment

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HayTox Hay Fever Treatment Adelaide

HayTox Hay Fever Treatment: $250

Appointment Time 30 minutes

Introducing HayTox, Hay fever treatment.
Anti Wrinkle Medication for Hay fever relief, painless and no side effects!

“HayTox” is a cost-effective hay fever treatment that has proven to significantly reduce hay fever symptoms or even completely reduce hay fever symptoms.

Most of you are aware that anti wrinkle medication (Botulinum Toxin as an s4 medication we are not allowed to use the brand name B*t*x in advertising) is more commonly used for its anti-ageing results, by blocking neural transmission at nerve endings on the muscle, improving wrinkle control. Australian medical researches have previously proven that it can also block receptors in the nasal cavity. Its these receptors that once stimulated by environmental factors, that lead to troublesome hay fever symptoms such as runny/blocked nose, itchy red watery eyes etc.

Once having this treatment, you can avoid having to use other forms of treatment typical for hay fever like nasal sprays, antihistamines and decongestants. The treatment may not completely cure hay fever however it will control the body’s natural immune response prompting symptoms.
Treatment is quick and painless with an application into the nose, with no needles involved. The lining in the nasal cavity is so thin, that the nerve receptors can absorb this medication topically. Treatment takes around 5 minutes, then you will remain lying down and observed for a short duration after. Total treatment time allocated for this appointment will be 30 minutes including consultation. You may notice the benefits of this treatment within hours if not immediately. Second application may be required 4-6 weeks post treatment if initial response is incomplete. Treatment then recommended annually during hay fever season.

There is no need to stop any current hay fever medications prior to the Haytox treatment, and you can continue to take any treatments as needed, following your procedure.