Diathermy & Electrolysis

Diathermy and Electrolysis both use a wire filament to treat hair and benign lesions.

Milia Pimple Treatment - Medicine of Cosmetics

Red vein removal / broken capillaries – *From $70
Skin tags & lesions – *From $100
*Price is dependant on area size & quoted upon analysis
Hair removal treatment – $50 per 15 minutes


Diathermy is used for treatment of Milia, facial veins, skin tags, blood spots, sebaceous warts, Campbell de Morgan spots and Spider Naevi.

A wire filament is used to cauterise the lesion or capillary and it is generally permanently removed.

Spider Vein Treatment

Electrolysis uses the same wire filament to treat unwanted hair through electrical epilation. A great treatment for hair that is unsuitable to be treated with laser.

The wire filament is inserted into the hair follicle and a current is delivered destroying the hair root.